Arbitration Procedural Order

This sample procedural order may be used as a model to take parties from the start of an arbitration to a hearing in approximately 260 days. It illustrates practical issues which arise in commercial arbitration and for which other solutions may be provided by party agreement or tribunal direction. It is fully customizable.

The approach in this sample was first published and explained by William G. Horton in the chapter entitled “Evidence First Arbitration: A Conceptual Framework for Arbitration Efficiency” in the book entitled A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial Arbitration, Marvin J. Huberman (editor), Irwin Law Inc., 2017.  An updated version will be incorporated into new arbitration rules to be adopted by ADRIC in the near future. 

The sample incorporates my suggested revisions.  Revisions of this sample to suit particular circumstances and styles is encouraged.