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“I want someone with the appropriate skill set, intelligence and knowledge to deal with lawyers and complex matters. Jim has been involved in litigation, arbitration and mediation, so he has a lot of experience and expertise. He also has been involved in the Oil and Gas sector. That expertise becomes invaluable. Jim is able to reduce things to their simplest form … that really helps a group to resolve a dispute. Besides all that, Jim is a good guy, he is a genuine good person. At times ‘hand holding’ is required and Jim is able to do that very well.”

Defense CounselCalgary, AB

“What Jim McCartney is very good at is expressing to both sides the other side’s point of view in a way that it can be listened to and heard … as Mediator, Jim was able to explain to the insurance company the things they needed to hear in a way that they could understand them. My client was listening to Jim do that and the result was that my client really felt heard. In effect, Jim was saying what my client felt in an articulate and clear manner. Jim McCartney can do that for both sides. The effect is that the non-lawyers in the room feel that mediation is worthwhile.”

Plaintiff CounselCalgary, AB

“Jim’s people skills are fantastic. He is very professional. In a caucus, he will help people focus on the right things. He gently prods and suggests without directing. He understands what is important.”

Senior AdjusterCalgary, AB

“Without your timely and thoughtful intervention, the parties would not have successfully resolved this matter. ”

Construction CounselEdmonton, AB, January 2019

“Thanks for your very professional and well organized approach to this file (as always!). It may surprise you to know (or maybe not) that you’re the most organized and efficient arbitrator that I’ve ever dealt with and by a huge margin”

Arbitration CounselCalgary, AB, June 2021

“You helped settle a file I did not see any hope of settling. One-half hour into it I was ready to walk away. Good job.”

Defence CounselCalgary, AB

“Jim McCartney brings a combination of competence and people skills to Mediation. By people skills I mean that: Jim can have a meaningful conversation with anyone … it doesn’t matter title or rank; Jim can put anyone at ease.”

Plaintiff CounselCalgary, AB

“Thanks Jim, that was the most efficient use of time I have seen!”

Defence CounselCalgary, AB