Arbitration & Mediation Services

McCartney ADR – Arbitration & Mediation Services

Jim McCartney offers an array of arbitration & mediation services which will help you save time, money and relationships by resolving disputes efficiently.  Click on a tab below to learn more about a particular service. Mr McCartney works throughout Alberta and has mediated or arbitrated in Northwest Territories, Yukon, British Columbia, and Colorado.

Mr McCartney does not offer his services for divorce, separation, parenting, or custody disputes.


Mediation, facilitated discussion, and neutral third party evaluation may all be used to comply with parties’ obligations to “consider and engage in a dispute resolution process” required by the Alberta Rules of Court.

  • Private and confidential negotiations
  • Quick turnaround
  • Excellent availability and flexible hours
  • Excellent resolution rate


Arbitration (private court) offers privacy of proceedings and result, streamlined procedures, and extended sitting hours.

  • Fast resolution: from decision to arbitrate to arbitration decision much faster than court processes
  • Quick access to the arbitrator for interim relief or directions (usually by phone, saving travel and time)
  • Maximize use of technology
  • Flexible process
  • Convenient hearing locations

Other Services

Mr McCartney offers other services where impartial and neutral help is needed.  He can:

  • Facilitate or moderate contentious meetings, forums, and votes
  • Develop settlement processes and discussions in multi-party disputes
  • Serve as a confidential repository for without prejudice settlement offers
  • Serve as a referee during contentious questioning in litigation matters